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Guide for the perfect speaker

We have compiled simple guidelines based on feedback from members of the community in live streams or YouTube comments. In general, these are just common-sense tips that enable effective preparation and a good consumption of content during the event.

Event preparation

  • Coordinate with the organizers on the topics to be presented.
  • Collaborate with the organizers on the evening's presentation text, which will be shared on social media.
  • If using slides, if created for this purpose, and if possible, use the "Python Biella Group" templates.


You can use our slide deck to prepare your showcase


Before the event


  • Arrange the material you will present so that it is easily accessible with just a few clicks.
  • Close windows with personal documents or chats to prevent them from accidentally being shared.


  • Ensure that the microphone is "adequately" close to the mouth.
  • Check that the volume is correct.
  • Ensure that there are no audio disturbances in the area.


  • It is advisable for the speaker to enable video during the presentation.
  • In the case of live coding or presenting code in an IDE, ensure that the font is "adequately" enlarged and that the material is ready.

Immediately after the event


  • Provide the organizers with any presented slides.
  • Provide the organizers with the possible GitHub link to the presented code.

After the event

Youtube video

  • Once the video is published, report any corrections to the description.

Answering question from the community

  • At least for the first few days after the event and video publication, monitor the comments to respond to any questions.